• Motivated by intimate knowledge of and affection for Norway, The Travel Designer is bold enough to offer what has otherwise become an unintelligible phrase:
    The journey of a lifetime.



  • The Travel Designer specializes in customized, individual tours to an amazing variety of spectacular and unspoilt natural wonders all over mainland Norway as well as to the arctic and icy Svalbard. We have carefully chosen accommodation of superior standard and location and with excellent kitchen. They are all run by friendly, considerate and English speaking staff. The delightful, often historic atmosphere of some of our chosen hotels is in itself a feature!


  • To us, authenticity is luxury, but in the world of modern travelling the word «authenticity» is frequently synonymous with artful deception. Hence, it is with the utmost of confidence that The Travel Designer invites you to experience our private journeys comfortably devoid of travel gimmicks. Blissfully released from mass tourism you will enjoy, and marvel at some of the most impressive natural phenomenon the world has on offer.

  • Although summer is naturally preferred by most of our guests, we also provide for unique off-season experiences – the colorful autumn, the black and white winter occasionally exploding in northern lights, spring with a first glimmer of green along the fjord and a glacier hovering above it.

  • Whichever you prefer, exploring the fascinating off the beaten track nooks and crannies of this amazing part of the world you may be accompanied by our experienced, observant and charming guides. We are also attentive to any particular needs, wishes or special interests you may have, be it specific sights, history, cuisine, cultural experiences, recreational activities or even people you may want to meet. You name it – if at all possible, we arrange for it!

  • Bearing in mind that only experiencing by participation constitutes true knowledge, and that everything else is information, The Travel Designer is dedicated to – literally speaking – taking you into the backwaters of the anomalous and spectacularly beautiful corner of the world called Norway. We will customize your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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